Blood donation

Voluntary and gratuitous blood donation

Blood donation voluntarily and gratuitously is the safest and safest form, guaranteeing the health of both the person in need of blood and the donor. When people are pressured by circumstances and donate blood under duress, they tend to hide diseases that can damage their own health or lead to the transmission of bloodstream infections to those in need.
Remember that blood donation does no harm!
The human body has natural regulatory mechanisms that compensate for the donated amount of 450 ml. blood.

Who can donate blood?

Any healthy person between the ages of 18 and 65 can donate blood. Men can donate 5 times in a calendar year, and women 5 times, and the interval between two blood donations is not less than two months. There is no risk for blood donors. All materials and consumables used in blood donation in Bulgaria are sterile and disposable. No disease can be transmitted to a person who donates blood! The whole procedure lasts 30 minutes.

Where can you donate blood?

In all centers and departments of transfusion hematology in the country.

Addresses of the centers for transfusion hematology in the country

In addition to active participation in the traditional blood donation campaigns in spring and autumn, organized jointly with the National Center for Blood Donation, the Bulgarian Red Cross is looking for new forms to promote voluntary and gratuitous blood donation. In this regard, the Bulgarian Red Cross works very successfully with young people and adolescents by providing up-to-date information on voluntary blood donation, followed by the organization of blood donation campaigns. Some regional councils of the Bulgarian Red Cross successfully use the peer training model , while others implement the initiative with the help of specialists from the centers for transfusion hematology. Building a lasting positive attitude among adolescents and young people towards voluntary and gratuitous blood donation will ensure the future successful overcoming of the situation in Bulgaria related to persistent shortages of blood and blood products.

The decision to donate blood is a personal, deep human right and is due to one's own conviction and awareness.

Forum on blood donation issues

The regional organization of the Bulgarian Red Cross - Ruse together with the University of Ruse "Angel Kanchev" held a public forum on the problems of blood donation and the provision of blood and blood components for health care.
Leading national experts in the field of transfusion medicine, representatives of the academic humanitarian community in Ruse, as well as active blood donors and advocates of gratuitous blood donation took part in the Forum. All those present at the meeting agreed on the need to change the current legislation on blood donation in our country.
We provide you with the full text of the summary document for public discussion. We hope that the ideas of the Forum will be supported and further developed by all of you, and in the presence of political will to be used to change the health insurance model in the Republic of Bulgaria.

You can see the full text of the summary document adopted at the forum in the attached file.