First aid courses

From 12.04.2021 the Bulgarian Red Cross resumes the courses of first aid for road accident victims, the courses for candidates for lifeguards and the certification of their coupons according to the conditions described in Order № RD-01-220 / 08.04.2021 of the Minister of Health of the Republic of Bulgaria and in strict compliance with all anti-epidemic measures.

In times of social self-isolation, we are not insured against various domestic accidents. The advice of Dr. Pencho Penchev will help us how to deal with them.

Accidents and injuries happen too often. Each of us can suddenly feel very bad. In these situations, immediate help is usually provided by family, colleagues, passers-by, etc. Even with just a basic knowledge of first aid, you can also help someone. However, in order to provide real help to the victim, it is important that the first aid is applied correctly and at the right time. Only in this way can it improve the condition of the victim and save lives.

The basic rules for first aid follow us here >>

The Bulgarian Red Cross is an established leader and main partner of the state in preparing the population for first aid.
Since 2008 the training programs have been certified for quality by the European Reference Center for First Aid - Paris, France (EFAC) and the certificates issued by the Bulgarian Red Cross are valid in the EU for a period of 5 years.

Trainings are organized:
Basic course in first aid for candidate drivers

Basic course in first aid at the workplace

First aid for children up to 8 years of age

Advanced first aid course for advanced

Profession "Paramedic" BRC has the opportunity to conduct the following courses for paramedics: